Welcome to the Mental Health Foundation (MHF). The MHF encourages, develops and supports educational campaigns and other initiatives to improve understanding of mental illness and ensure access to quality care. The Foundation is particularly concerned with reducing the stigma of mental illness and encouraging individuals to seek early diagnosis. Join us on Facebook and Twitter to raise #MentalHealth Awareness and #StampOutStigma!

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Suicide is the 10th leading cause of
death among Americans and a growing public health problem.

There tends to be more focus on the problem in the Holiday Season but it is year-round issue that needs attention. Suicide is an extreme. So many other people suffer unnecessarily in so many other ways.

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Understanding, caring support and access to help are essential to help people cope with Mental Health challenges.   If you or other someone you know if suffering and needs help, it is available - 1-800 273-8255.

 The Mental Foundation is committed to improving understanding and pursuing initiatives that produce better outcomes for people in need.

Stamp Out Stigma, Be a part of the Conversation

Looking to support the community, fight stigma, or are you looking for an avenue to reach out for help?
Technology and social media have put avenues for this at our finger tips. 

#MentalHealth, #StampOutStigma, #EndTheStigma, and #MentalHealthMatters are among the ones trending most often, however there are many. There are also many for specific communities and illness. 
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